Psychological Test: Who’s the Boss? Your answers define your personality

image : pikiranrakyat

In this personality test, it will reveal how well a person’s analytical ability is to detail.

The following personality test image shows three people in the office.
In this personality test, only one of them is the boss of the office.
Note: Please pay attention to the details around to find the real boss of the office.

After appointing one person, please refer to the following explanation, and match whether your answer is right or wrong. If your answer is correct, you are classified as smart, in my opinion 😀

Person No.1

The first person cannot be the boss of the office. He looked more like a guest from another nearby office department.
Moreover, this person was dressed in a full suit.
Of course, there is not a single detail in the picture that designates this person as the boss.

Person No.2

Yes, you probably guessed this person as the boss of the office.
However, it was very possible that this person was just a guest.
Maybe he’s a friend or relative of an office boss.

Person No. 3

This is the correct answer! As you can see, his jacket hangs on the chair in front of the computer.
Person number 3 stands comfortably wearing a shirt.
From this we can conclude that he is the boss.